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Pain in knees will be caused due to weakness in bone structure, wear and tear due to aging. Other reasons will include fractures,meniscus injuries, ligament injuries, dislocation of the knee joint, stiffness in joint due to arthritis, lupus  and other chronic ailments. Sanjeevika Ashwagandha pak Relieves stress and joint pain.

Apply the cold consolidate to the painful knee is one of the best remedy and also easiest way to reduce swelling and pain

cover a handful of ice cubes in a thin towel.
1. Tie the ice cubes to damaged knee area at least 10 to 20 minutes.
2. If do like this daily two or three times  until your pain relives.

If the knee pain is caused due to arthritis,injury or muscle strain ginger is an good remedy to reduce the pain. Ginger having the properties of anti-inflammatory compounds in it

Take Crushed small pieces of fresh ginger ,mix to one cup of water then boil it for 10 minutes.  add a  small amount of honey and lemon juice.Daily if you drink two to three cups of ginger tea until pain relieves and also it is good for health. 
 Massage ginger oil to affected area daily twice this also gives you best result.

Turmeric is very effective and natural medicines for knee pain.The turmeric contains a chemical compound  called curcumin that has a anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties to reduce the pain.

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Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the spiritual organization.Our main branch is located in located in Delhi,We manufacture the Ayurvedic medicines,Health and wellness products Sanjeevika panchskar-churna is beneficial for abdomen related problems and constipation.

Natural way to reduce the Stomach related problems are listed below:

Caraway seeds, scientific name of  carvi is very good addition of dietary fiber. Mix some  caraway seeds in tea or when you feel stomach problem take small quantity of caraway seed for chewing it  helps for indigestion problem and relives the gas.Use only one tea spoon of caraway seeds while preparing tea.

Cinnamon is also very effective and good spice that helps to reduce the stomach related problems. Cinnamon having anti-oxidant properties. Cinnamon stimulates the digestive system  it helps to work properly. Cinnamon is also used for sprinkling it on foods, poring cinnamon powder in to tea  also be taken directly.

Apples are also very good for treating stomach problems. Apples are a very rich supplement of dietary fiber it also relieves stomach ache,it also keeps the digestive system with well maintained. 

Banana is  a kind of bland food which help for preventing the stomach ache. In short, A banana in a day keeps the stomach problems away.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ayurvedic Medicines

Divya Jyoti Foundation Manufactures Sanjeevika Ayurvedic Medicines our product are useful for curing more diseases.Sanjeevika medhohar is beneficial for digestive system problems,it reduces the obesity,immunity booster it gives you good results,we have different types of Sanjeevika products like health care products and personal care products.We are best known as top health herbal care product and herbal care products providers you can buy  ayurvedic medicines online in Delhi

Some of the home remedies to reduce digestive problems:

Ginger it activates the digestive juices and the discharge of enzymes that will be helpful for  digesting your food. Ginger an powerful remedy for indigestion.

Carom seeds, also called as ajwain or Bishop’s weed have digestive and combination properties that helpful to treat flatulence,indigestion and diarrhea.

Herbal tea is the best remedy for digestion problem after having heavy meal it can easily reduce the indigestion problem. Dip your green tea herbal tea bag in to a hot cup of water and cover it for atleast five minutes.

Home remedies to Reduce the Obesity

It is very important to eat regular meal, avoiding or skipping meals. If you are skip the meals, your body will store much fat than if you eat light, small and nutritive meals throughout the day.

Exercise Regularly

If you have more obesity, exercise works greatly to reduce the your body fat. However, a inactive lifestyle is conflicting to the weight loss tips you should follow. Start exercises by sitting and lying  in starting we have to  work up to moving and standing exercises. This will result to burn extra calories and speed your weight loss.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Health Benefits of Almond

Divya Jyoti Foundation provides Sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines ,health care,personal care and Herbal care products in India.

Sanjeevika badam-pak is beneficial to * Memory booster *Beneficial in generalized weakness * Useful in a migraine. Sanjeevika products can be purchase through online ,you can Buy Ayurvedic products online .Our Sanjeevika products are best Ayurvedic medicines in India.

Nutrition value of Badam

If you intake around 23 almonds per day it gives you many essential nutrients to your body. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, potassium,magnesium,calcium,Additionally, almonds are an important source of fiber and protein.Naturally almonds having low sugar contents

Almonds are healthy for Heart Health

Most of the nutrients values in almonds help to provide increased heart health. In one almond are very rich in magnesium, which helps to prevent heart attacks and hypertension

Weight Maintenance

According to "Fitness" experts, the magnesium present in almonds helps to stimulate the blood sugar, which is key important for reducing the food yearning. Almonds have the capacity  to block the body’s absorption of calories, it makes a weight-loss-friendly snack

Other Health Benefits of Almond

Almonds may also help to promote gastrointestinal health and also it can combat diabetes. Almonds having high fiber content it gives prebiotic properties, which provides  healthy gastrointestinal tract.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ayurvedic Medicines in Delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation provides Sanjeevika health care,personal care and ayurvedic medicines online sanjeevika chywanprash is beneficial to reduce the cold, cough most importantly it also good for the people who suffers from asthma.Now a days most of the people commonly they will suffers from Cold and cough if you ignore this cold,cough next  step you will suffer from some infections and fever.When you get cold and cough that time  the body will be infected by some of the viruses or bacteria to avoid the production of mucus and to boost immunity power in our sanjeevika product we have best Ayurvedic Medicine  called chywanprash. You can take this medicine by taking Ayurvedic  doctor prescription.You can Buy our Ayurvedic medicine online in Delhi

Here we have  given some of the Natural health tip to reduce the cold and cough are given below:

Ginger tea:

Ginger tea helps for you for drying up a dripping and running nose and also it helps to ejaculate the phlegm from the respiratory track.You have take the soothe or piece of ginger to tea that helps to reduce the cold.

Milk and turmeric:

First you have to warm the milk then add some of turmeric powder to the milk and turmeric is having antibacterial properties it effectively fights against the cough. This home recipe will be applicable for all.  

Lemon,cinnamon and honey

Take out the lemon juice, add some of honey in a pan, fill it to half and use a double boiler until it becomes thin.You can add a pinch of cinnamon and add lemon. Use this syrup to  that will fight against the cold

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