Thursday, February 25, 2016


Physical Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation that helps for both physiological and mental changes with in  every level ,its helps to grow up each cells in the  the body with more energy.It gives good results that is peace,joy, enthusiasm level.

The physical Benefits of meditation is:

  • It helps to reduce high blood pressure
  • Meditation helps to reduce blood lactate, to reduce anxiety attacks in the body
  • It reduces the any stress and tension-related problems like , stress head aches, ulcers,joint pain,  insomnia and muscles problems
  • Meditation helps for the production of serotonin that also effects to keep your mind strong it keeps your mood healthy
  • It Improves the immunity system

Some of the Mental Benefits of Meditation

  • It avoids the Anxiety
  • It improves the Emotional stability
  • It gives a strength to think Creatively 
  • It also increases the Happiness 
  • It gives the peace of mind
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Friday, February 12, 2016

Herbal Stores Online

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the best spiritual organization located in Delhi.We have branches all over India.Our sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicines are very helpful to treat various kinds of deciases.Our product gives you 100% good results without any side effects our organization is well known as best health care products suppliers in Delhi,Bangalore. Sanjeevika Danta shuddhi tooth paste helpful to keep your teeth healthy.

Some of the healthy tips to keep your tooth strong

Brush your teeth daily twice: Brush your teeth is after meals. You have  to Choose a tooth brush which having small head for because that will be very flexible  to clean back teeth with Soft bristles helps to keep strong  gums.

1. select fluoridated tooth paste: The Fluoride helpful to harden tooth enamel and decrease the risk of decay.
2. Brush thoroughly: For brushing you have to spend at least  two to three minutes.
3. Floss teeth every day. Daily practice of  slow, gentle sawing motion brushing reduces the tooth decay
4. control some acidic drinks like soft drinks, cordials fruit juices and cordials.The Food that contains acidic content that soften tooth and it dissolves the some of minerals like tooth enamel, that will cause cavities, caries or hole  In  some  cases teeth may be ‘decay’ the gum.
5. Don't use excess of sugary foods.Bacteria that resides in dental plaque it converts sugar into acids.
6. Protect your teeth from injury. To protect your teeth Wear  mouth guard or regular helmet when you playing sports.
7. Visit your dental doctor for regular check-ups. visit dentist if you find any dental problems like bleeding gums and  toothache.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Health Care Products Suppliers in Delhi

Divya jyoti Foundation main branch is located in Delhi,Our sanjeevika Ayurvedic products gives very effective to result to heal any kind of diseases,we provide both sanjeevika health care and personal care products Aloe vera  skin gel helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing you can buy Ayurvedic medicine online in Chandighar,Bangalore.our foundation is well known as best health care product suppliers in delhi.

Aloe vera acts like conditioner to your hair:

Aloe vera can be used as  the best conditioner for shampoo.Aloe vera itself  moisturizing in nature, and aloe vera have the capacity to strengthen to your hair and it adds more shine effect to hair.

How It helps 

You can use aloe vera gel as best conditioner after shampoo to your hair and you can even use leaves for treatment.

Why Does It Work

Aloe vera includes proteolytic enzymes that helps to remove some of the dead cells. It helps to for cell regeneration, and it repair your hair growth. It also gives  moisture content to your hair smooth and glossy.

 Aloe vera Reduces the Inflammation

Regular in take of aloe vera juice help to reduce the inflammation.

1.Take aloe vera leaf and cut out the leaf
2. remove outer layer of the leaf. Remove the aloe vera latex, which is the yellow in color sap that present underneath the outer leaf.
3. Scoop out the aloe vera gel, and wash the gel to remove  if any residual sap.
4. First place the gel in a blender. Add the honey and the water, and then blend to mix all the ingredients.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Health Care Products Suppliers in Delhi

Divya jyoti Foundation is one of the best Spiritual organization our main branch is located in Delhi and also, we have other branches all over India we manufacture Sanjeevika Ayurvedic products and Our organization is well known as Best health care products suppliers in Delhi,  Bangalore Sanjeevika rakatchaphar helps to reduce hypertension and other heart ailments, Relieves Insomnia

The following Home remedy helps you to reduce the hypertension:

1. Lemons

  • Lemons helps to keep the blood vessels soft and flexible and it removes hardness, it reduces the high blood pressure. In addition to this it avoids heart failure 
  •  lemon juice contain the vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an antioxidant it neutralize the destructive property of free radicals.
  • Add lemon to warm water consume this mixture daily morning with empty stomach. For good results.

2. Watermelon Seeds

  • Watermelon seeds contain cucurbocitrin, it helps to enlarge the blood capillaries.And also it  improves the kidney function.It will reduces blood pressure levels and arthritis.
  • Grind equal proportion of dry watermelon seeds and poppy seeds.Take one table spoon of this mixture with hot water in morning with empty stomach then have this twice means  again in the evening you can drink

3. Garlic

  • Garlic have so many medicinal values it reduces the blood pressure by lowering effects of garlic. cooked and raw garlic helps to avoid high blood pressure mean while  it reduces the cholesterol level. Garlic works to relax blood vessels by stimulating the yielding hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide.
  • Consume two crushed garlic cloves daily. By crushing it them with hands.  When you Crush garlic cloves it provides the hydrogen sulfide,it promotes  blood flow, it takes out gas and decrease the pressure in heart.You can consume garlic with hot milk
  • Take five to six drops of garlic juice add it with hot water mix well and have this mixture daily twice.