Saturday, January 30, 2016

Health Care Products Suppliers in Delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation Manufactures the Sanjeevika Ayurvedic products,health care products and personal care to keep your body healthy.Our divya jyoti foundation is  spiritual organization too,we organize the spiritual classes to teach about the spiritual life.Use sanjeevika Orange sharbhat it is an excellent summer cooler drink and it is enriched with nutrients and minerals.You can buy sanjeevika health herbal products and Health and wellness products from djfoundation

Some of the Health Benefits of Orange:

1.Orange Helps to Prevent Cancer

Orange is rich with citrus limonoids,it helps to prevent the different types of cancer like Lung,stomach ,skin and colon

2.Orange is helps to reduce kidney Diseases

In take of orange juice daily avoids the kidney diseases and prevents the risk of kidney stones.
Daily you have to take orange juice in moderate amounts it Alkalizes the organge.
Although oranges are acidic before you digest them, Organge that contain the alkaline minerals that helps to balance body digestion. 

3.It reduces the Cholesterol

Since the orange having soluble fibers, oranges that helps for lowering cholesterol.

4.It helps to keep your Skin healthy

Oranges is enriched with beta-carotene,it is strong antioxidant protects the cell and it prevents skin damage.It also protects the skin from free radicals that helps to prevent the sign of skin aging.

5.Orange help to Regulates the High Blood Pressure

 Flavonoid hesperidin content in orange helps to regulate the high blood pressure and the magnesium helps to control blood pressure

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ayurvedic medicines

According to Ayurveda (meaning 'Science of life'), a human being is made of three bodies,physical,astral,and causal.It traditionally involves a holistic treatment of the entire human being ,considering all the three planes and also our full cosmic nature.Whereas,modern physicians consider  only the physical aspect of health while ignoring the other two .The sage -physicians-surgeons of the ancient times were deeply devoted holy people of spiritual life.It is said that they received their training of Ayurveda through transcendental cognition during meditation.In other words,the knowledge of the use of various methods of prophylaxis,treatment and surgery came through Divine revelation;There was no guessing or testing on animals and,hence,no animal-harming. Divya Jyoti Foundation provides you Sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicine to keep your body healthy and it improves the immunity system  and fights against the germs,virus and bacteria.You can Buy Ayurvedic medicines online in Delhi

According to Ayurveda,we should use and not misuse the vegetation and animals for our healthy living.It teaches us to respect all forms of life.Through the practice of Ayurveda and Meditation on the the true name of the Lord through Brahm Gyan,we can live in harmony with nature and leave a healthy legacy for our children.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ayurvedic Medicine

                                        Buy Ayurvedic Medicines online in Chandigarh

Ayurvedic medicine are the oldest method of Ayurveda -- is one of the best world's whole -body heals the system. It is invented by  thousands of years ago in India. Ayurvedic system is mainly  based on the belief of health and wellness depend on a elegant balance in between the body,spirit, and mind. The initial focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to maintain good health, before attacking any disease we have to manage the our immunity system that fight against disease. Ayurvedic treatments is suggested for particular health problems.

According to Ayurvedic system,all things in the nature –it may be living or non living beings is inter connected. Good health is managed when the body,spirit, and mind are in cooperation with the nature. If any interruption of cooperation may lead to poor health problems and  sickness.
For Ayurvedic patients,if anything that alter your spiritual, physical or affecting the welfare can effect the out of balance with the nature.

Some of our Ayurvedic Medicine that cures various diseases:

  • Aloevera-juice- Enriched With Minerals & Nutrients * Refreshing & Rejuvenatiing * Increases energy levels * Detoxifies and builds immunity
  • kaunch-beej-churna-Beneficial in generalized weakness
  • panchtikat-ghrita-Beneficial in infectious skin disease, worm infestation, piles.Blood purifier.
  • Ras-manikya-Beneficial in eczema, non healing wounds and other skin diseases.
  • Rasraj-ras-Beneficial in vatic disorders, paralysis, facial paralysis
  • rasonadi-kwath-Useful in rheumatoid arthritis
  • nasha-rodhak-Beneficial in drug de-addiction, Generalized body ache
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spiritual Books Online Shopping

                                                     Books on Akhand Gyan

Divya Jyoti Foundation is one the best spiritual organization, we conduct the spiritual teaching here we teach you about the spiritual life,we provide  the spiritual books and magazine.You can buy our Akhandya Gyan monthly magazine through spiritual book online shopping

The vedic opinion also seems to be echoing from the cultural and traditional processions of India.One can find the Tulsi (Holy Basil) Plant emitting its soothing fragrance in the courtyard of almost every Indian home.It is worshiped by people as a living goddess.The pee-pal tree,in northern parts of India ,and the banana tree,in southern parts of India,are considered divine and worshiped as well.

In Ayurveda,Tress bearing life -infusing,Life-sustaining,inimitable possessions,have been eulogized as living kings.Just as,for plucking and gathering the flowers and fruits from a garden,we take the permission of its owner;Likewise as per the dictum's of the Ayurveda,we are supposed to take permission,by offering prayers,from those trees and plants which are the direct  sources of natural boons for all.The same direction has been given in one of the puranic literature.The illustration is briefly explicated.When Lakshmana,the younger brother of lord Rama,fainted and swooned,disciple Hanuman was assigned the task of searching for herbs for his recovery.Before he commenced his journey,the Ayurvedic physician,Sushain,directed him-O Hanuman! In that particular region of Himalayas,there grows and flourishes a whole range of herbs.But,upon sensing the arrival of a stranger,that vegetation miraculously disappears.You too are visiting that place for the first time.Therefore,on reaching that spot,first of all,kindly disclose your motive and plead with the herbs wholeheartedly.Only then,they would materialized before You.”

Beyond doubt,the plants are pervaded by a great deal of subtle energy of consciousness! This was the research of the Vedic minds of India.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Akhand Gyan

 Divya Jyoti Foundation provides the Monthly Magazine called akhand Gyan ,You can subcribe Akhand Gyan through online

Kanhaiya(Lord Krishna in his childhood)was tied to a mortar.The Almight Lord of the Universe had surrendered to the feeble trap of the soft threads of the rope.Who knew what divine sport His generous Self was silently contriving to bless His suffering beings!And Lo!It happend! Kanhaiya slid the mortar.Then,dragging it behind,he toddled from among two tress.The mortar became stuck between the two mighty trunks.However,Kanhaiya did not halt his pace.His little and firm feet kept towing the mortar,Which dashed hard against the trees and eventually rooted them out.And then ,a more mysterious spectacle flashed.

From those fallen trees,two noble-spirited demi-gods,in their sffulgent forms,appeared and sought the auidence of kanhaiya!The conversation disclosed that both of them were under the spell of some curse!That's why they were bound to descend from the exactly planes of heavens to the corporeal planes to crop up and flourish as flora..

This tale of an ancient Indian scripture resonates with a mysterious rhythm.In fact,there are hundreds of such references in the Holy Scriptures in which the species of the flora kingdom have been considered as living entities.They were not taken to be merely the lifeless trunks or bunch of insensitive branches or stems or offshoots!They were indeed considered as highly sensitive animated beings.

There is saying from the Atharva Veda-Mahad...yena prananti virudhaha-implying that due to the glorious and inherent life-current,the vegetation is able breathe and flourish.The Rig Veda also evidently mentions-the immortal fire,meaning soul-force,is glowing in all herbal medicines. Rishis,the great scientists of yore,extended the idea even more and revealed that plants and trees throb with divine power:

Yo devo...yo aushdheeshu yo vanaspatishu tasmai devai namo namaha

Meaning,I prostrate before that great power who is abiding in all herbal medicines and the vegetation itself.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Organic health care products in Delhi

Divya Jyoti foundation is one of the popular and non profit spiritual organization,main branch is located in Delhi.In our organization we conduct spiritual class,meditation and bhajans programs you can attend our program to know more about spiritual life.Other than these activity we also give the importance to health, we manufacture some of organic health care products in Delhi and ayurvedic medicines to keep our your body healthy. Sanjeevika kumar kalyan ras is beneficial to avoid the children diseases

In early stages children immunity system are not developed fully so that easily infections will attack the body so care must be taken to avoid the infections , specially in early months and years of life. Some of the  virus and  bacteria infections it effects to respiratory systems Some of   infections such as  bronchiolitis, cold and cough attacks to children these symptoms are  common but it some times and difficult to avoid diseases. Other infections like ear infections, skin infections also easily attacks to the body 

To avoid the these kind of infections we should not forget to go for monthly or yearly vaccination to children to for healthy growth of baby and their body fights against the some of virus  and bacteria and it also develops the their immune system.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Buy Ayurvedic Medicines Online

Divya Jyoti Foundation provides you Ayurvedic medicines, Sanjeevika agnimukh-churna Beneficial in anorexia and indigestion you can buy ayurvedic products online from Here we given some of the health tips to avoid indigestion problem.

Now a  days most of the peoples are facing the indigestion problem because of lifestyle habits and having the heavy food improper timings.Following are some of reasons why Indigestion occurs in many peoples

  • While chewing food if you opened your mouth,if you talking at the time of chewing or quick eating these causes the swallow of food with out proper chewing
  • Chew the food completely and have your food slowly.
  • After eating the food Drink sufficient water. Don't drink fluids in middle.
  • Have your food daily in correct timings. 
  • Avoid over greasy and spicy foods.
  • Smoking is also one of the reason for indigestion,so better quit smoking.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • Don't take the food that contains caffeine.
  • After having food at least you have to give 1 hour gap to excersize.
  • Take the food that contains aspirin and NSAIDs while having food.
  • If you are skin is sensitive for some of allergic content in food avoid aggravating foods.
  • Meditation also one of the best remedy to reduce indigestion that caused due to anxiety or stress.
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Health Care Products Suppliers

Modern science has uncovered that the human body,mind,and soul are extremely sensitive to music sounds and the vibrations. These vibrations can influence and later many bodily and mental aspects and processes in a human being as well as in animals ans plants.Health and wellness products helps to keep your body healthy,For instance,we see that today vibrations medicines cover a variety of pioneering healing modalities. Vibrations medicines has emerged as a promising area of technology and has proven itself to be far more potent than drugs and surgery in improving the lives of patients.The modalities covered by vibration medicines comprise of

1.Photo therapy :It involves harnessing the healing power of natural sunlight to catalyse a physiological,psychological,or energetic response in a patient.

2. Colour therapy:It uses selected wavelengths of natural sunlight to create a physiological,psychological,or energetic responses in a patient.

3.Sound therapy:Sound waves are employed for the healing of patients.Music therapy is also a branch of sound therapy

4.Acupuncture:It involves the utilization of tiny needles to alter the energy flow in the body to heal the diseased or ailing areas.

5.Magnetic therapy:It involves the use of permanent magnets or electromagnets to heal the patient.There are some magnetic therapies that augment the earth's magnetic bursts to destroy tumors.

6. Electro medicine:Its involves the application of low level electric currents to the selected body parts so as to augment healing.Elector medicine is utilized for the repairing of the broken bones,for building up muscles,destroying invading bacteria,etc.The body relies on electro medicine for internal healing.All bones are piezo-electric devices that produce an electric charge when stressed.The charged sites then attract the required minerals like calcium,efficient in bone-building.In addition,a continuous electric current,when applied to the skin over a blood vessel,kill bacteria present in the blood.Thus electro medicine covers a wide spectrum of remedies.From our Divya Jyoti foundation we provide the Health herbal products in Delhi

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

About spiritual Life

Spiritualising modern science

The challenge thrown by the output of uranium on one side and the Upanishadic concept which tells us that a man is an intellectual being is not enough; both these should converge.

Human quest for knowledge is called science.The word science is derived from the Latin root-'scio',which,'I know'.The word 'veda',derived from the sanskrit root 'vid' meaning 'to know',is partially said to correspond to the word 'Science'.Diya Jyoti Foundation provides best spiritual books ,Monthly magazine you can buy spiritual books online shopping in Delhi

In actuality,science is limited to the outer physical word of objects.Thus any step forward through it cannot lead be human progress but only material well-being.This cannot lead to man's total fulfillment.In other words,there is no totality of human experience in science,as it takes into account only a part of human experience;where as,the vedas extend to supra intellectual and other subtle and divine planes of the human consciousness.They deal with the knowledge of the of the both the outer physical and the inner psycho-spiritual worlds.Swami Dayanand saraswati,who was not only a vedic scholar but also illumiend soul,once said,”All scienticfic truth of modern age can be found in vedas.”The Vedas,thus,have a larger connotation,as they stand for both wordly knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Health and Wellness Products in Delhi


These are social people Gathering for food is lovable to them.Their eating habits depend on how others in the group are eating.If others are going for non-veggeterian food,then the social Diner will also flow with the wind.use our sanjeevika pure herbal products it will very good for health and also they are too social Diner will also flow with the wind .They are too focused on others that they forget their own good food habits.

Are you a social Diner?

Beware! Social Diners often cross their saturation level when it comes to eating.Your eating  is not focused on nutritional food.It's all about-what others are eating,I will eat the same.In parties you take fried or unhealthy food,go for fizzy drinks and cocktails just because others are seeing you,In a research done in 2001 by the Vanderbilt University,in Nashville it was found that people munch more in spite of their hunger levels when they are in a group than when they are alone.Be careful,before it's too late.It might happen that when you want to come back to your own healthy habits,you find a complete void in the dining preferences.To maintain the good health Buy Ayurvedic medicine online in Delhi.


Mood pangs trouble you? Are you an over-sensitive person?Then,your choices constitute of highy carbohydrate ,high calorie,and low nutritional food.And,if you continue to be so,then like your extreme mood swings,your health can move towards obesity or acute weight  loss.Moreover,you have chances of becoming a food addict. Flavor in the food is the only quality which you look for while eating.”when a desire or a craving comes from something other than hunger,eating cant't satisfy it”,says May,MD.
“If you are eating but don't physically need the food,you'll never feel satisfied.”In fact,as per a research published in the journal obesity in 2007,dieters who eat according to their internal emotional cues,such as loneliness,rather than physical or external cues,lose less weight over time and are more likely to gain it back.


For those diners,whose health is at risk,we have a simple health management sutra vs.'Traffic Light Eating'.The rules of this eating system are the same as the rules of the traffic light-

Green food:safe for health,go for it!
Yellow food:Food that you can take daily,but with a waiting signal.
Red food:strictly bad for your health
Note:The colors are not meant for the food,but the type of food and their nutrient value.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Health Herbal Products

Be a healthy Diner and keep going the way of balanced eating and exercising.After all,health is wealth.

How our personality is ? What we eat and how healthy we are???


These dinners are fun seeking persons.They go to the places where they can find pleasure.They have an overindulgent lifestyle.Ask them to eat anytime,and they will immediately turn uo on the table ,provided yummy food is served.These dinners are impatient.use Divya Jyoti foundation products we are the best health care products suppliers in Delhi.

Are you such kind?

Ah,Pleasure Diners!Beware because your health is at risk since your personality depicts that you are a foodie,and that you eat for pleasure not health.You have an inclination towards eating junk food.You are also not conscious about habits.You are also not conscious about the timings when you should eat nor do you practice good eating habits.You go for food with less nutrition value and high calorie content.That is why chances are that either you are at risk of getting overweight or becoming obese.Therefore be careful!


Well,now a days  one must have seen people sitting with a laptop all the time .Their excel file is open and they go on working,working and working.Thanks to the hectic and cut-throat corporate life.It has made us a can use our health and wellness products in Delhi

Are you such a person?

Well then you are surely a workaholic Diner Beware!Your health too is risk.You have made your body a machine;that's why you consider food as fuel.You don't have time for food.And whenever you eat,you just gulp all the food in one go.Moreover,because of your hectic schedule you do not pay attention to how much nutrition value you require for healthy living.Above all,stress is making you weak.So be careful!


'Why change now?' - People with such kind of attitude are Adamant Diners.They always opt for their comfort zone.Adamant Diners lack in changing their food habits even if it causes damage to their health.Their habits are the results of their adolescent age.

Are you Adamant Diners?

 Beware! Your adamant nature of sticking to what you have developed as food habits will make your health suffer.The habits of smoking and drinking can make your body suffer each day.

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