Friday, March 11, 2016

Health Benefits of Almond

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Nutrition value of Badam

If you intake around 23 almonds per day it gives you many essential nutrients to your body. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, potassium,magnesium,calcium,Additionally, almonds are an important source of fiber and protein.Naturally almonds having low sugar contents

Almonds are healthy for Heart Health

Most of the nutrients values in almonds help to provide increased heart health. In one almond are very rich in magnesium, which helps to prevent heart attacks and hypertension

Weight Maintenance

According to "Fitness" experts, the magnesium present in almonds helps to stimulate the blood sugar, which is key important for reducing the food yearning. Almonds have the capacity  to block the body’s absorption of calories, it makes a weight-loss-friendly snack

Other Health Benefits of Almond

Almonds may also help to promote gastrointestinal health and also it can combat diabetes. Almonds having high fiber content it gives prebiotic properties, which provides  healthy gastrointestinal tract.

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