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The spiritual theory of Evolution

According to the legend ,the eight forces of nature created by the Lord began to revel in the world.Articulating it in an ornamental language,the Upanishad mentions that these forces of nature were unable to find any place for their sustenance and operation.They were desperately hungry and remind in the state of utter agitated confusion.As such they prayed before the supreme Lord-Naha prajaaneehi yasmin pratishthaa annamadaametri Meaning,please make suitable provision for us,residing where we can consume food;we can take care of our hunger and thirst.

This part of the Upanished very interesting reveals the procedure of evolution.These natural forces are the indicators of the 'Forces of Nature;which originated at the time of inception of the expected atmosphere,which was necessary for the existence of living beings.After this,the process of evaluation began-complex and more complex beings came into existence and thrived.

For instance as per this procedure ,Brahman created the body(form)of the cow-'gaam aanayat'.Thereafter,the natural forces (guardians)were told to seek shelter(solace)in that.But the natural forces were not satisfied and said,'na vai naha ayam'-this body is not sufficient(adequate) for us.Kindly create a body which is more developed than this one.Then the lord created the body of the horse.The powers yet remained dissatisfied.In this manner ,the process of evolution continued progressively.At the end,Brahman created the supreme form,surpassing all other in excellence-the body of the human being-taabhyaha purusham aanayat.All the gods were extremely pleased and began to say-sukritam bateti purusho vaava sukritam-meaning,wonderful!The most beautiful!undoubtedly, the human being is the ultimate creation by the lord.

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