Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Online Herbal store in Delhi

Sanjeevika ayurvedic medicines are manufactured from Divya Jyoti Foundation.In sanjeevika products we have health care products,personal care and ayurvedic products to cure different types of diseases.you can use our sanjeevika honey it acts like visualizer tonic it also helps to purify the blood.Honey is used for various purposes to cure some diseases.we also provide the health herbal products and pure herbal products

Honey kills the antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Honey having antibacterial property so it able fight against the antibiotic diseases it also kills the food-borne illness pathogens like E,salmonella and coli daily use of one table spoon of honey helps to protect your body from various kinds of bacteria

Helps reduce the coughs

By research team it as been proved that honey able to reduce the cough symptoms.  This study proves the children who taken two spoons of honey  before going to bed.It results after 30 minutes that cough is reduced frequently, it also solves severe cough symptoms and it also gives better sleep.

Honey Boosts memory

If you add honey in your daily diet specially  for women who are in menopausal age should consume 20 grams of honey per day it replaces some hormones called progesterone and estrogen  for healthy body.

Provides nutrients 

Honey contains various minerals  and vitamins such as manganese,phosphorus,copper,calcium and it also includes riboflavin,pantheistic acid and niacin you can use honey instead of using the sugar it provides you rich nutrient calories.

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