Friday, February 12, 2016

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Divya Jyoti Foundation is one of the best spiritual organization located in Delhi.We have branches all over India.Our sanjeevika Ayurvedic medicines are very helpful to treat various kinds of deciases.Our product gives you 100% good results without any side effects our organization is well known as best health care products suppliers in Delhi,Bangalore. Sanjeevika Danta shuddhi tooth paste helpful to keep your teeth healthy.

Some of the healthy tips to keep your tooth strong

Brush your teeth daily twice: Brush your teeth is after meals. You have  to Choose a tooth brush which having small head for because that will be very flexible  to clean back teeth with Soft bristles helps to keep strong  gums.

1. select fluoridated tooth paste: The Fluoride helpful to harden tooth enamel and decrease the risk of decay.
2. Brush thoroughly: For brushing you have to spend at least  two to three minutes.
3. Floss teeth every day. Daily practice of  slow, gentle sawing motion brushing reduces the tooth decay
4. control some acidic drinks like soft drinks, cordials fruit juices and cordials.The Food that contains acidic content that soften tooth and it dissolves the some of minerals like tooth enamel, that will cause cavities, caries or hole  In  some  cases teeth may be ‘decay’ the gum.
5. Don't use excess of sugary foods.Bacteria that resides in dental plaque it converts sugar into acids.
6. Protect your teeth from injury. To protect your teeth Wear  mouth guard or regular helmet when you playing sports.
7. Visit your dental doctor for regular check-ups. visit dentist if you find any dental problems like bleeding gums and  toothache.

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