Saturday, January 30, 2016

Health Care Products Suppliers in Delhi

Divya Jyoti Foundation Manufactures the Sanjeevika Ayurvedic products,health care products and personal care to keep your body healthy.Our divya jyoti foundation is  spiritual organization too,we organize the spiritual classes to teach about the spiritual life.Use sanjeevika Orange sharbhat it is an excellent summer cooler drink and it is enriched with nutrients and minerals.You can buy sanjeevika health herbal products and Health and wellness products from djfoundation

Some of the Health Benefits of Orange:

1.Orange Helps to Prevent Cancer

Orange is rich with citrus limonoids,it helps to prevent the different types of cancer like Lung,stomach ,skin and colon

2.Orange is helps to reduce kidney Diseases

In take of orange juice daily avoids the kidney diseases and prevents the risk of kidney stones.
Daily you have to take orange juice in moderate amounts it Alkalizes the organge.
Although oranges are acidic before you digest them, Organge that contain the alkaline minerals that helps to balance body digestion. 

3.It reduces the Cholesterol

Since the orange having soluble fibers, oranges that helps for lowering cholesterol.

4.It helps to keep your Skin healthy

Oranges is enriched with beta-carotene,it is strong antioxidant protects the cell and it prevents skin damage.It also protects the skin from free radicals that helps to prevent the sign of skin aging.

5.Orange help to Regulates the High Blood Pressure

 Flavonoid hesperidin content in orange helps to regulate the high blood pressure and the magnesium helps to control blood pressure

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