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The vedic opinion also seems to be echoing from the cultural and traditional processions of India.One can find the Tulsi (Holy Basil) Plant emitting its soothing fragrance in the courtyard of almost every Indian home.It is worshiped by people as a living goddess.The pee-pal tree,in northern parts of India ,and the banana tree,in southern parts of India,are considered divine and worshiped as well.

In Ayurveda,Tress bearing life -infusing,Life-sustaining,inimitable possessions,have been eulogized as living kings.Just as,for plucking and gathering the flowers and fruits from a garden,we take the permission of its owner;Likewise as per the dictum's of the Ayurveda,we are supposed to take permission,by offering prayers,from those trees and plants which are the direct  sources of natural boons for all.The same direction has been given in one of the puranic literature.The illustration is briefly explicated.When Lakshmana,the younger brother of lord Rama,fainted and swooned,disciple Hanuman was assigned the task of searching for herbs for his recovery.Before he commenced his journey,the Ayurvedic physician,Sushain,directed him-O Hanuman! In that particular region of Himalayas,there grows and flourishes a whole range of herbs.But,upon sensing the arrival of a stranger,that vegetation miraculously disappears.You too are visiting that place for the first time.Therefore,on reaching that spot,first of all,kindly disclose your motive and plead with the herbs wholeheartedly.Only then,they would materialized before You.”

Beyond doubt,the plants are pervaded by a great deal of subtle energy of consciousness! This was the research of the Vedic minds of India.

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