Monday, January 4, 2016

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These are social people Gathering for food is lovable to them.Their eating habits depend on how others in the group are eating.If others are going for non-veggeterian food,then the social Diner will also flow with the wind.use our sanjeevika pure herbal products it will very good for health and also they are too social Diner will also flow with the wind .They are too focused on others that they forget their own good food habits.

Are you a social Diner?

Beware! Social Diners often cross their saturation level when it comes to eating.Your eating  is not focused on nutritional food.It's all about-what others are eating,I will eat the same.In parties you take fried or unhealthy food,go for fizzy drinks and cocktails just because others are seeing you,In a research done in 2001 by the Vanderbilt University,in Nashville it was found that people munch more in spite of their hunger levels when they are in a group than when they are alone.Be careful,before it's too late.It might happen that when you want to come back to your own healthy habits,you find a complete void in the dining preferences.To maintain the good health Buy Ayurvedic medicine online in Delhi.


Mood pangs trouble you? Are you an over-sensitive person?Then,your choices constitute of highy carbohydrate ,high calorie,and low nutritional food.And,if you continue to be so,then like your extreme mood swings,your health can move towards obesity or acute weight  loss.Moreover,you have chances of becoming a food addict. Flavor in the food is the only quality which you look for while eating.”when a desire or a craving comes from something other than hunger,eating cant't satisfy it”,says May,MD.
“If you are eating but don't physically need the food,you'll never feel satisfied.”In fact,as per a research published in the journal obesity in 2007,dieters who eat according to their internal emotional cues,such as loneliness,rather than physical or external cues,lose less weight over time and are more likely to gain it back.


For those diners,whose health is at risk,we have a simple health management sutra vs.'Traffic Light Eating'.The rules of this eating system are the same as the rules of the traffic light-

Green food:safe for health,go for it!
Yellow food:Food that you can take daily,but with a waiting signal.
Red food:strictly bad for your health
Note:The colors are not meant for the food,but the type of food and their nutrient value.

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