Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Akhand Gyan

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Kanhaiya(Lord Krishna in his childhood)was tied to a mortar.The Almight Lord of the Universe had surrendered to the feeble trap of the soft threads of the rope.Who knew what divine sport His generous Self was silently contriving to bless His suffering beings!And Lo!It happend! Kanhaiya slid the mortar.Then,dragging it behind,he toddled from among two tress.The mortar became stuck between the two mighty trunks.However,Kanhaiya did not halt his pace.His little and firm feet kept towing the mortar,Which dashed hard against the trees and eventually rooted them out.And then ,a more mysterious spectacle flashed.

From those fallen trees,two noble-spirited demi-gods,in their sffulgent forms,appeared and sought the auidence of kanhaiya!The conversation disclosed that both of them were under the spell of some curse!That's why they were bound to descend from the exactly planes of heavens to the corporeal planes to crop up and flourish as flora..

This tale of an ancient Indian scripture resonates with a mysterious rhythm.In fact,there are hundreds of such references in the Holy Scriptures in which the species of the flora kingdom have been considered as living entities.They were not taken to be merely the lifeless trunks or bunch of insensitive branches or stems or offshoots!They were indeed considered as highly sensitive animated beings.

There is saying from the Atharva Veda-Mahad...yena prananti virudhaha-implying that due to the glorious and inherent life-current,the vegetation is able breathe and flourish.The Rig Veda also evidently mentions-the immortal fire,meaning soul-force,is glowing in all herbal medicines. Rishis,the great scientists of yore,extended the idea even more and revealed that plants and trees throb with divine power:

Yo devo...yo aushdheeshu yo vanaspatishu tasmai devai namo namaha

Meaning,I prostrate before that great power who is abiding in all herbal medicines and the vegetation itself.

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