Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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Spiritualising modern science

The challenge thrown by the output of uranium on one side and the Upanishadic concept which tells us that a man is an intellectual being is not enough; both these should converge.

Human quest for knowledge is called science.The word science is derived from the Latin root-'scio',which,'I know'.The word 'veda',derived from the sanskrit root 'vid' meaning 'to know',is partially said to correspond to the word 'Science'.Diya Jyoti Foundation provides best spiritual books ,Monthly magazine you can buy spiritual books online shopping in Delhi

In actuality,science is limited to the outer physical word of objects.Thus any step forward through it cannot lead be human progress but only material well-being.This cannot lead to man's total fulfillment.In other words,there is no totality of human experience in science,as it takes into account only a part of human experience;where as,the vedas extend to supra intellectual and other subtle and divine planes of the human consciousness.They deal with the knowledge of the of the both the outer physical and the inner psycho-spiritual worlds.Swami Dayanand saraswati,who was not only a vedic scholar but also illumiend soul,once said,”All scienticfic truth of modern age can be found in vedas.”The Vedas,thus,have a larger connotation,as they stand for both wordly knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

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