Friday, January 8, 2016

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Modern science has uncovered that the human body,mind,and soul are extremely sensitive to music sounds and the vibrations. These vibrations can influence and later many bodily and mental aspects and processes in a human being as well as in animals ans plants.Health and wellness products helps to keep your body healthy,For instance,we see that today vibrations medicines cover a variety of pioneering healing modalities. Vibrations medicines has emerged as a promising area of technology and has proven itself to be far more potent than drugs and surgery in improving the lives of patients.The modalities covered by vibration medicines comprise of

1.Photo therapy :It involves harnessing the healing power of natural sunlight to catalyse a physiological,psychological,or energetic response in a patient.

2. Colour therapy:It uses selected wavelengths of natural sunlight to create a physiological,psychological,or energetic responses in a patient.

3.Sound therapy:Sound waves are employed for the healing of patients.Music therapy is also a branch of sound therapy

4.Acupuncture:It involves the utilization of tiny needles to alter the energy flow in the body to heal the diseased or ailing areas.

5.Magnetic therapy:It involves the use of permanent magnets or electromagnets to heal the patient.There are some magnetic therapies that augment the earth's magnetic bursts to destroy tumors.

6. Electro medicine:Its involves the application of low level electric currents to the selected body parts so as to augment healing.Elector medicine is utilized for the repairing of the broken bones,for building up muscles,destroying invading bacteria,etc.The body relies on electro medicine for internal healing.All bones are piezo-electric devices that produce an electric charge when stressed.The charged sites then attract the required minerals like calcium,efficient in bone-building.In addition,a continuous electric current,when applied to the skin over a blood vessel,kill bacteria present in the blood.Thus electro medicine covers a wide spectrum of remedies.From our Divya Jyoti foundation we provide the Health herbal products in Delhi

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